Call to Action for AFM Members

Support Senator Sherrod Brown’s Pension Legislation


Fellow AFM members,
This is what AFM President Ray Hair had to say about the Butch Lewis Act of 2017 in his most recent email:
"I have been in direct communication with Senator Brown's staff regarding this legislation. Now that the legislation has officially been introduced, the Trustees of American Federation of Musicians and Employers' Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) will carefully review its specifics to determine if it addresses the issues confronting the AFM-EPF..."
Actually, we have already been working directly with Senator Brown's office on this legislation for months, and we're thrilled it has finally been introduced. We've also been pressing President Hair and the trustees to provide facts and figures requested by Senator Brown's staff months ago. When received, that data will be analyzed by Senator Brown’s actuaries to show how his proposal could benefit our AFM pension fund. Unfortunately, the trustees have refused to give us anything to send to Brown’s office! After months of repeated urging from Musicians for Pension Security, President Hair agreed to meet with Senator Brown's aide on November 2. At the meeting, President Hair agreed to provide them the necessary data but to date, he and the other trustees have still sent nothing to Senator Brown’s office.
We need to make sure President Hair provides Senator Brown’s office with this critical information. He also needs to show membership that he will stand by his promise to support legislation that could help our fund that doesn’t start with cuts to benefits. This bill is the first thing to come along that gives us reason to hope. There are NO CUTS!! It doesn’t raise anyone's taxes or eliminate anyone's favorite deductions.   
MPS needs your help! Please take a moment TODAY, Monday 11/26 to call and email President Hair and let him know that you want The American Federation of Musicians to support The Butch Lewis Act. (You can use our suggested script below)
You can reach President Hair toll-free at 800-762-3444 (ex.212) or just ask to be connected to the President’s office.
Suggested Script:
President Hair, my name is ___ and I am a member of AFM Local ___. I'm calling to urge you to support The Butch Lewis Act of 2017, a bill being introduced into Congress by Senator Sherrod Brown. The Butch Lewis Act is a bill that helps underfunded multiemployer plans while at the same time protects retirees’ benefits. Please provide the information requested by Senator Brown's staff so their actuaries can do an analysis specific to our fund. This will show how this bill, if passed, will help the AFM-EPF. Supporting the Butch Lewis Act of 2017 is the first critical step to protect our pensions from potentially devastating and unprecedented cuts. Thank you for your time.
Email President Hair asking him to support the Butch Lewis Act of 2017 at or
And while you're at it, let your local officers know too!  Find your local president’s contact info here.
Let us know you participated by replying to this email or send us a note at
We'll be writing again soon to urge you to contact your Representatives in Washington D.C., and will provide links to make it as easy as we can. In the meantime, you can read all about the bill (including a summary, FAQ's and the full legislation) on the MPS website here.
Once again, thanks so much for all you've done to help protect our pensions.
Adam Krauthamer, MPS
Steve Nathan, MPS Nashville