AFM-EPF Trustees Have Deep Ties to NCCMP


National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans (NCCMP) is a trade association of multi-employer plans in Washington DC. In 2014, they were instrumental in formulating and passing MPRA, which is the law that would allow cuts to our hard-earned pension benefits. Our pension fund, the AFM-EPF, has deep connections to the NCCMP going back many years. The AFM-EPF is a dues-paying member of NCCMP and our AFM trustees attend their conferences every year. Two of our trustees, Christopher Brockmeyer and Bill Moriarity, serve on NCCMP’s Board of Directors and Steering Committee. Both have given lectures at those conferences. Brockmeyer, the AFM-EPF’s trustee co-chair, served on the NCCMP working group which formulated the MPRA proposal. 
MPRA has been a public policy disaster as many in Congress on both sides of the aisle have openly acknowledged. (Read the articles linked below.) Even with bipartisan support to replace MPRA with a much better alternative, the NCCMP is currently fighting to preserve it and subvert current efforts to replace it. The alternative they are trying to block was recently introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown and is called the Butch Lewis Act, which would provide low-cost government loans to troubled pension plans. The proposed law would guarantee that all plan participants receive 100% of their promised pension benefit. This is a very worthy piece of legislation that deserves our support and that of our trustees.  Read about it here
Unfortunately, NCCMP is circulating their own proposal under which federal loans would not be available to plans like the AFM-EPF plan. Instead, the AFM-EPF plan would be forced to stay under the current MPRA law and undergo cuts to accrued benefits.
It would be a gross dereliction of duty for our trustees to not actively support a legislative proposal that preserves 100% of our hard-earned pension benefits. That is what the Butch Lewis Act does. We demand that the trustees reject NCCMP’s attempt to undermine the Butch Lewis Act.
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