Call to Action #2 Call Your Representatives in Congress Today 12/4


To all our fellow musician friends concerned about their pension:
We are running out of time. The legislative solution we recently wrote to you about, The Butch Lewis Act, is at this moment, the best chance we have to keep our fund solvent without benefit cuts. However, it does face some stiff opposition in Congress, and will not pass without a groundswell of action from citizens across the country.
We all recognize the negative effect MPRA will have on our own lives and families, but we should also remember that the AFM-EPF is just one fund in the big picture of all troubled multi-employer funds. If MPRA is allowed to continue, we will see millions of innocent American workers cheated by their employers and unions. Coal miners, Electricians, Teachers, Welders, Truck drivers, Furniture makers, Brick layers, and yes, Musicians will all have much of their retirement savings taken away, legally! It will make “keeping food on the table” very difficult for many. Others will be pushed below the poverty line, onto Public Assistance and it will have devastating consequences for the broader economy.     
Senator Brown and Representative Neal are hoping to "attach" the Butch Lewis Act to the 2017 Omnibus Spending Bill. The deadline to prevent a government shutdown is December 8th. There may be a CR (Continuing Resolution) but it will likely only move the deadline a few weeks at best. We need to make sure that Congress and The House has already heard from millions of Americans when this shows up on their radar.
We’re asking you to contact your Senators and House Representatives today, plus four additional members whose position makes them critically important. Lamar Alexander (chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee), Virginia Foxx (chairwoman of the House Education and Workforce Committee), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
Below we have included links to make it easier to find your Senators and Representatives. In addition, we have included email addresses for Legislative aides and staffers for “The Big Four”.
Lastly, we’re asking you to spread the message outside of the AFM community. Please call and email everyone in your address book.  Tell them how important this is and how seriously we need their help!!


Adam Krauthamer, MPS
Steve Nathan, MPS Nashville
To find your Senator, follow the instructions at:
To find your Congressional Representative, follow the instructions at:
To reach Senator Lamar Alexander:
and email Alexander’s staff:
Chief of Staff: David Cleary
Pension Legislative aide: Greg Proseus
To reach Virginia Foxx, email her staff at:
Chief of Staff
Pension LA
To reach Paul Ryan:
To reach Mitch McConnell:
Chief of Staff:
Pension LA:

Let us know you participated by replying to this email or send us a note at
Suggested message:

I am writing regarding the looming Multi-Employer Pension crisis. The current MPRA law is unjust and unfair. For the first time since 1974 MPRA allows trustees to make severe cuts to our hard earned existing benefits without giving us the ones affected any say. MPRA will throw millions of American workers into poverty (and onto Public Assistance), while simultaneously devastating the broader economy.

The Butch Lewis Act creates a way for troubled pension funds to return to solvency without punishing current and future retirees.  It does so without raising anyone’s taxes or eliminating anyone’s favorite deductions. It is reasonable and fair. I urge you to support this legislation.
This crisis is real and coming fast.  Please support the Butch Lewis Act.