You Asked, How Can We Help? Here's How:

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MPS Community,
Since we started our work on the behalf of AFM members around the country we have received many emails asking, “How can we help?” Today, we’d like to ask all AFM members for assistance in the coming year. Most of what we need won’t take much of your time at all:
MPS has grown into a national volunteer organization. As we continue to grow, the day to day administrative duties grow as well. There are simple tasks like data entry and communications that could be covered by anyone willing to give up an hour or two per week. This is a simple job but enormously helpful. Those with special skills like copywriting, online marketing, public relations or anything else that you think might be valuable to MPS in the fight to protect our pension fund, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Email us here:  
Important: Put MPS VOLUNTEER in the subject line and let us know how you would like to help.
MPS will soon be announcing a date for another open meeting to discuss the state of the AFM-EPF for all plan participants. That meeting will be held in New York City and will most likely take place sometime in the next few months. Our inaugural meeting last spring drew hundreds of people. Now that we are a nationwide organization we expect the attendance to be even larger. For that reason, we are forming the MPS Meeting Committee and need volunteers to help with the logistics! The tasks that are involved with this meeting can be as simple as showing up early on the day of the meeting to help set up chairs or greeting people at the door with handouts. For anyone willing to give a little more time, we will need help with communications and the audio/visual equipment setup for our presentation.

To volunteer for MPS Meeting Committee email us at:
Important: Put MPS Meeting Committee in the subject line and let us know how you would like to help.
If you can’t donate your time, please consider making a donation to MPS. We are an all-volunteer organization made up of fellow musicians across the country that donate their time to help in the fight to protect our pension fund. Many of us continue to cover some expenses out of pocket, but as the organization grows, this will not be feasible in the long term. Fortunately, now that we have a large following across the country, small donations from our many members can have a huge impact. Please consider making a donation here.

The Teamsters are frankly carrying a lot of our water on this. We can do more by way of pressuring our representatives In Washington DC. Call them this week! You can find links to your rep’s contact info and suggested script here. (Read about the Butch Lewis Act here.)
All our important accomplishments in the last year happened when AFM members came together and took action. Whether it was coming to a meeting to learn more about the problems at the AFM-EPF or the thousands of calls and emails to AFM President Ray Hair, those actions made a huge difference in the fight to protect our pensions in 2017. In 2018 we must continue to organize and speak with one collective voice. We cannot be just an online community. We must continue to turn out and show up for important meetings and presentations when they occur. Your presence alone shows support. Let us continue to bring our community together and work towards protecting our pension fund in 2018.
 Happy New Year from MPS!