Rep. Peter King, First Republican to endorse Butch Lewis Act,
Teams up with Chuck Schumer:

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“King said the pension plan should have bipartisan support and that he would work to pass the bill with other Republicans, as part of the federal budget negotiations ending Jan. 19.”

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Reps. Joe Crowley and Debbie Dingell
Discuss Butch Lewis Act on 'Face the Nation'

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What this means for plan participants:

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Face the Nation transcript:
REPRESENTATIVE DEBBIE DINGELL: They're tired of the partisan bickering. They want to see us get things done, but they're scared. They haven't lost that anxiety and that fear that's in our souls from the last time the market collapsed. You've got people. The West Virginia might be-- people in my district who worked their lifetime put money into their pension. They're retiring. Suddenly, the money is not there. We've got a moral responsibility to figure this out and work together.
MAJOR GARRETT: You've both mention pensions. What are you talking about with Congress dealing with pension? What do you want to see happen? What-- what legislation are we talking about?
REPRESENTATIVE DEBBIE DINGELL: Well, there is a bill right now named after a teamster who died in Ohio, trying to fight for this which actually would not ultimately cost the government money. It would be a way-- a funding a way to bonds, like municipal bonds. But it's a-- would be--
MAJOR GARRETT: Backup pension obligation.
REPRESENTATIVE DEBBIE DINGELL: It's a pension, backup pension.
REPRESENTATIVE DEBBIE DINGELL: Long term. And we need to do something. I mean, these are people-- these guys are-- they're crying in my arms. They are scared to death.
REPRESENTATIVE JOE CROWLEY: And we feel-- we feel that the banks need to bail out the individuals that were hurt tremendously by that, the (INDISTINCT) crash.
MAJOR GARRETT: Who lost pensions--
MAJOR GARRETT: Allowances and guarantees.
REPRESENTATIVE JOE CROWLEY: Who have less than half their pension coming to them then they were getting.
MAJOR GARRETT: As a result of the Great Recession.
REPRESENTATIVE JOE CROWLEY: Yep, in part-- in-- in great part. But let me just say what Debbie said about the-- the budget itself. A third of the domestic spending is on defense. It's on homeland security. And I think that-- that's can short shift our Republican colleagues. But I will say this, and it's interesting to hear Mark talk about, you know, fiscal responsibility. Here we just passed, we just-- we just refinanced the mortgage of the United States' house. And-- and in doing so, we borrowed 1.5 trillion dollars.
MAJOR GARRETT: Meant for the tax cut bill.
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