Thanks for a Great Meeting - Now MPS Needs Your Help!

Please Donate

Musicians For Pension Security celebrated its first anniversary with a highly successful nationwide meeting on April 4th. MPS thanks all of our fellow musicians who participated in the meeting, both in NYC and watching across the country via Facebook Live.

Assisted by the expert advice of nationally recognized actuary Tom Lowman and legal counsel Jonathan Kantor, we presented the MPS Action Plan: A three-part approach, detailing ideas and reforms that will make significant improvements to the fund. If you missed the MPS National Meeting or want to watch again from home, you can see the complete videos and power point presentations of the meeting here. A summary of the MPS Action Plan is here.

MPS 2018 Fundraising Drive

Last summer we asked for your help and you overwhelmingly responded to our fundraiser. We reached our $15,000 goal in less than two weeks thanks to your quick action and generosity. That allowed us to hire one of the country's leading actuaries Tom Lowman. The MPS team now has a viable Action Plan thanks to our experts. This spring, MPS once again needs your help to advocate for that plan and many other initiatives in the coming months. 

MPS needs to raise $15,000
by June 1st.

2018 is a crucial year. Your donations will go a long way in helping to secure a more certain future for our pension fund. As You know, we are an all-volunteer organization working on behalf of fellow musicians across the country. Every single dollar donated to MPS goes directly to protecting our pension. 

Upcoming expenses include:

  • Extending MPS actuary Tom Lowman's contract which expires shortly
  • New document purchases from AFM-EPF
  • MPS operating expenses
  • Budgetfor future MPS meetings

Help us keep the MPS team together. Help us push for the MPS Action Plan. Help us protect the pension fund. Donate what you can today! And thank you!