A Fellow Musician's Response to the AFM-EPF's Choice for New Trustee

We couldn't have said this better ourselves:

Last Friday, the AFM-EPF announced the appointment of Gail Kruvand to the board of trustees. She will replace Phil Yao who recently resigned. (Read the announcement here.) As usual, we were preparing our response to this news when we received the email below from a fellow musician in the MPS network that we wanted to share. We believe it captures the voice of musicians who are feeling marginalized by our trustees in 2018 and reflects the ongoing concerns of AFM members across the country.

Dear MPS,

Can you help with this question?
The AFM-EPF emailed us about Gail Kruvand joining the board of trustees. 
I applaud her for having a career as an AFM bassist, and her other musical accomplishments.

I am also an AFM bassist, having played on thousands of AFM recording sessions for TV, Film, etc., 
and have owned successful production companies in Chicago, LA, and Nashville, hiring many AFM musicians over the years, absolutely none of which qualifies me to manage the AFM pension fund.

They mention that she "will participate in rigorous, ongoing education and training on issues such as plan funding, investments, federal legislation and other issues relevant to administering the Fund.”

So we’re going to rely on a first-timer who will need to scramble and catch up?  Isn’t it a little late to start training?  How about getting a financial expert, with lots of real-world accumulated experience?  Already highly educated and trained.

Would you want your accountant getting some “rigorous" music lessons so he can play first trumpet in the Cleveland Orchestra?

The Pension Fund Notes has mentioned that trustees will listen to what the actuaries advise, weigh the advice, and then decide what to do in administering the fund. 

And that is based on what solid financial experience and expertise?  Someone who "will participate" in education and training is already late and unprepared for the job, or they wouldn’t need to be educated and trained.  

I truly do not understand.  Why should musicians run a pension fund?  It sounds like a punch line—and I am a long-time musician professional musician, AFM member, and fund contributor.   

Is this an unreasonable questioning? Are others as frustrated as I am?
Should I send this email to Ray Hair?  

Thank you,
AFM Member*

Ray Hair continues to ignore the concerns and demands of AFM members. We are calling for expertise on our board, not more of the same cronyism. This appointment helps no one and as AFM members, we deserve better leadership.

*MPS chose to keep the AFM member who wrote this email anonymous in order to protect the source and prevent any potential retaliation.