Make Your Voice Heard: How to Contact Your Reps and Tell Them to  Support the Butch Lewis Act

We received many emails in response to Jonathan Kantor's latest "Butch Lewis Watch" blog post entitled, Butch Lewis is in Trouble Unless Plan Participants Are Heard From. Read it here. To summarize, Mr. Kantor's post reported that lawmakers are making it clear that unless there is more vocal support from Union members and retirees, The Butch Lewis Act is unlikely to pass. The Butch Lewis Act would extend government guaranteed loans to plans like AFM-EPF, avoiding any necessity for cuts to accrued pension benefits.

At the hearing, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVA) said that unless workers and retirees “make your voice heard”there will be no help forthcoming from the Federal government.

Manchin pleaded, “we need your help.”

You asked how to make your voice heard, here's how:

The AFM-EPF have set up tools to write and call your representatives in the House and Senate on their website. We recommend you do both. We also recommend you write the members of the Select Committee.

Fortunately, the AFM-EPF has set up a link to help you do this quickly and easily. Click the button below. You will be sent to a page where you will enter your address and it will automatically find your representatives and a suggested message is preloaded. You can use it or write your own. After you've sent your email, it automatically takes you to another page where again, a message is preloaded and you can send it to all of the members of the Select Committee. The whole process will take a few minutes at most.

Click below to get started:


This is a critical moment. We can have our voices heard,
but only if we ALL take part.

Please share on social media or forward to your colleagues.