Call on Congress to Support a Fair Vote on Pension Cuts

Musicians deserve a fair vote on whether and how our pensions are cut.
Under current law, all uncast ballots are counted as votes to cut your benefits. 
For example, in a pension plan with 20,000 participants, there could easily be 15,000 members who don’t vote. Those 15,000 non-voters will be counted as “yes” votes in favor of benefit cuts. 
Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), together with four other Senators, have co-sponsored the Pension Accountability Act (S. 833), which would ensure that all votes on any cut proposal would be counted fairly.
As Senator Brown said in support of S. 833, “Workers sat at the negotiating table and gave up raises because they were counting on these pensions when they retired. It’s common sense that these workers should also have a seat at the table when negotiating the future of the pensions they fought so hard for.”
Please voice your support of S. 833, so that a fair vote can take place on any proposed benefit cuts. Call your congressional leaders today!

Find your Senator here.
Suggested script:

Dear Senator:
I urge you to support S. 833, which provides that plan participants have
a meaningful vote on whether to approve or reject benefit cut plans.
Current law denies participants any role in determining that Trustee’s
plans are equitable. S. 833 would ensure that a fair and democratic
vote can take place on any proposed benefit cuts plans.